pigs and chickens from above

Volunteer – Animal Care

Our barnyard community offers healing experiences for so many visitors. Sign up to Volunteer for just an hour or two and support this program in the following ways:

Morning Feeding
Arrive before 9am to prepare breakfast for our two pot-belied pigs, Max and Pickles, and our menagerie of birds. This involves measuring out their food, setting it out for them in the pasture and the orchard and filling their water bowls.

Afternoon Water
Stop by for a farmyard visit, hang out with animals, scrub out the watering bowls and then re-fill them. In hot weather cool off the turkeys by spraying their feet, refill the baby pool for the ducks, or hose off the piggies. In cold weather knock out the ice.

Evening Tuck In
Come at dusk to chase the Guinea hens in, count the roosters, collect the eggs, and close the coop doors, so our birds can sleep unafraid of nightly visitors.

Coop Clean-Up
We have weekly, monthly, and seasonal coop chores. Every week we clean out nesting boxes and put in fresh pine shavings and diatomaceous earth. Monthly we lay new wood chips on top of old as part of our deep litter method of keeping the coop clean and fresh, while making compost at the same time. Seasonally we removed the composted litter and begin again.

Foster Baby Chicks
Each Spring we add new chicks to our laying hen family. Chicks need to live inside in a brooder until their feathers grow in and they can live safely outside (~6 weeks). We offer foster families all the supplies they need to take care of baby chicks at home until they can move into the Farm’s teenage chicken coop.

Barnyard Tours
Sign up to lead visitors and groups on a tour of the barnyard. Teach them about how eggs become chickens, share the stories of Max and Pickles, introduce them to the different ways birds lay their eggs, and explain how alpacas live in community. This opportunity is great for extroverts and others comfortable leading groups and offering hospitality. This is a great role to grow into after caring for the animals for awhile, and we will gladly teach you everything you need to know to lead the tour.




Tikkun Farm depends in a large part on volunteers. If this event is something you would like to contribute to, we invite you to signup.