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The best way to get to know us, is to visit us. We welcome groups of all sizes and ages. We’ve given tours to preschoolers, and retired nurses, university students and corporate executives. When you visit you will get to meet our barnyard community, feed the chickens, pet a turkey, greet an alpaca. You’ll stand in the middle of our raised bed learning lab, tour our Free Market, walk through our greenhouse and see how we transform organic material once destined for the landfill into compost to grow more food. You will hear about our programs that heal people, repair community and restore creation. We believe once you see us, you’ll find your way to  join us!

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Day of Service

Come spend a day (or half day) on the farm. In addition to a farm tour, we will create an experience tailored to your community. Preschoolers sheet mulched new garden beds, university students sculpted permaculture swales in our orchard, church families installed paddock fencing, girl scouts processed alpaca fiber, corporate executives built our fire circle. Serving together is one of the ways we remember who we are, individually and organizationally.

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Experiental Learning

Alternative Breaks | Corporate Retreats | School Intersessions | Mission Trips 

Tikkun Farm supports multi-day experiential learning opportunities. Rooted in our belief that the Action-Reflection model cultivates the greatest growth in a person and community, we offer experiences that provide meaningful service aligned with thoughtful reflection. It’s amazing what we can learn from completing a task together that an individual could never manage alone.  Or to wonder what the transformational process of composting can teach us about the “failures” in our lives. Or to consider the many steps necessary to process fiber from an alpaca into high quality yarn of luxurious warmth. Every concrete experience offers multiple life lessons. For communities rooted in spiritual traditions, we bring more than twenty-five years of spiritual leadership to support you in connecting your farm experience to deeper sacred truths. 

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