We believe beautiful buildings create space for sacred experiences.

When Greg and Mary bought the farm in 2010, the four buildings on the property included two barns, the Milk House, and the Farm House. They were falling apart. The roofs on both barns leaked; the Farm House had been gutted. The Milk House was a concrete shell with no water, no electric, no life.

For the first few years, the farm lived quietly, nameless. In 2013 Mary felt called to sit amid the tall grasses in the pasture and listen. It was time for a name.

“Tikkun,” she heard the sacred voice within her whisper. She remembered that word from her son’s Bar Mitzvah days. His Jewish friends taught them the phrase, Tikkun Olam, meaning Repair the World.

“Repair the buildings, the sacred voice continued.

 and then I will send people here whose lives need to be repaired,”

And so we began.

The oldest barn got a new roof. It became a shelter for alpacas, farm dinners, chickens, and Farm Camp. We continue to make repairs on this 100-year-old Barn.

We brought life back the Milk House with power, water, and new paint.  Deeper Roots Coffee began their roasting enterprise, sending the sweet smell of caramelizing beans over the neighborhood. When they outgrew the Milk House and moved on, we renovated again, creating a home for yoga sessions, fiber arts, retreats, an after school program, and cooking classes. 

We renovated the Farm House, creating spaces to nurture community, both for the people who lived there, and the groups who gather on the first floor for meetings and meals.

Sadly, our larger barn, damaged beyond repair, came down, creating space for new buildings to rise up.

In March of 2020, when COVID required us to cancel our classes, we pivoted our programming to begin supporting families with food distribution and delivering crockpot dinners. We soon dedicated a new building to this program, the Well House, providing a home for commercial refrigerators, freezers and easy access for individuals stopping by to pick up food.

In June of 2021 we began construction of our Green House. This 30’x48’ space expands our facilities to include hydroponics, aquaponics, vermicomposting, and vegetable seed starting. These are all parts of our Job Training program.

Still to come will be a commercial kitchen, outdoor chicken coops, a pottery/art studio, and a new program building dedicated to healing arts (healing touch, massage, acupuncture, talk therapy, etc.), contemplative practices, and retreats.

No matter their size or structure, every building serves the same purpose: hospitality. By offering safe and welcoming spaces, guests can remember their belovedness, that they have been created by Love to be Love in the world.

WellHouse exterior