Radical Hospitality, one of Tikkun Farm’s Core Values, creates spaces of welcome and belonging for visitors, guests, other volunteers, and folks who sign up for programming. Volunteers support extending a welcoming spirit in the following ways:

Morning Set-Up
Start your morning on the Farm. Arrive before 9am, get coffee going, set up the water and tea, lay out a plate of snacks along with cups, plates, and napkins. Pour a cup for yourself, find a sit-spot, and begin your day with a quiet moment in nature. You can sign up to do this one day/week.

Evening Wrap-Up
Stop by for a farm moment at the close of the day. Pour out the old coffee, put used plates and cups in the dishwasher and run it, wrap up the snacks and put away, wipe the counters, prepare the space to begin again the next day. You can sign up to do this one day/week.

Bakers and Canners
Make a batch of sweet or savory snacks… cookies, Chex mix, quiche bites, apple chips, banana bread, pickles. We can provide ingredients; you can bake in our kitchen or yours. We turn surplus ingredients into good food to save it from the compost pile or landfill. We offer them as snacks for guests or sell them at the Farmer’s Market to raise funds for our programming. You can sign up to do this one day/week or on as “as needed” basis.

Event-up and Support
Arrive early before a retreat or workshop. Set up workshop materials, make the coffee, set out snacks, water and tea, put out cups, plates and napkins.

Event Support
During an event, help prepare meals, load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters. After an event sweep the floor, put workshop materials away, leave the space ready for someone else to use. Volunteers who participate in the event get a discount.

To let us know the kinds of projects you are interested in helping with, please fill out a Volunteer Profile.