Going Home: Race and politics in Mount Healthy, an Ohio city in transition
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One concerned resident, Mary Laymon, 55, said she and her husband, Greg York, 57, are trying to help the community by providing ministry and food on their property, Tikkun Farms.

MOUNT HEALTHY — It’s odd hearing people call my childhood neighborhood a food desert. I did not grow up well off in the Compton Groves community of townhomes and apartments in Mount Healthy, a city of roughly 6,700 in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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A city farm, created to help repair the world, sows seeds of hope and offers food to go.

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Hamilton County Solid Waste and Recycling for awarding us the “Save the Food” award!


Save the Food Award TIKKUN FARM

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Tikkun Farm’s Mary Laymon: ‘We are healed to become healers.’

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