“Every time I visit the farm it automatically calms me and brightens my day! Whether it’s attending a drum circle with alpacas listening in, watching a production of the Vagina Monologues, or just attending a community meeting, it is always such a peaceful place to be.”

Betty Bollas

President and Co-Owner, SHRM-CP she/her, Fibonacci Brewing Company

“We came to Tikkun Farm when my husband had lost his part-time job and our daughter was laid off from her job for a month due to Covid 19, and our Social Security was stretched beyond our usual budget.  We came reluctantly, asking, looking, for just a small amount of fresh items to extent the supper table for five. We were met with no questions other than your name and the amount of persons in your household and were told, “Take what you need, share with your neighbor, there is plenty!” We’d found that Tikkun offered crock pot meals as well every Sunday, delivered to our door, another meal for the week. This was a blessing!

“DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY HAVE DONE FOR YOU”, and so began our time to help to give back to our community, Tikkun Farm, what they shared with us, bagging and delivering crock pot meals to others that still need this meal, in a welcoming space, adding new friends to our circle of friends, Blessed that Our Lord led us.”

Michelle and Ken Gabbard and family.

“At Tikkun Farm people bloom.”

Ruth Anne Wolfe

“Tikkun is a peaceful and safe place for children of our community to go. They can learn about gardening, farm animals, nature, self soothing techniques and more. There are so many kids looking for attention, compassion and grace and Tikkun farm is a perfect place for that under the guidance of Mary Laymon. I’m extremely grateful to have this organization in our community and wish I had known of it sooner. Even I enjoy the peace there and have escaped my children to reset. The farm is open to all and accepting of all which is exactly what our community needs in current times.”

Mom of Tikkun Campers

“The children understand that they needed help and have learned how to get the help at the farm. You have a program that fills the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual voids that are in their lives. You are teaching them that they can learn to read and do math. You are teaching them mostly that they have feelings and that we all have feelings and we can learn to control those feelings. The biggest change I see in the children is their ability to walk and not run in a panic from place to place. They now understand the pattern and are happy to follow it and flow with the leader.”

Volunteer Artist

Afterschool Program

“Tikkun provides families, many of which are fragile, solid supports in raising their children. Tikkun provides participating children an embracing community which nurtures their sense of self while fostering respect for family and community values.”

Retired school teacher

“I have the pleasure of being located right across the street from Tikkun Farm. I see firsthand how it is a center of community engagement and a safe space for people in the community who might not always be welcome elsewhere. They practice what they preach and I am happy that my boys can grow up here seeing what true community really means. My boys have been involved in helping on the farm, attending summer camp, and just hanging out with the animals. And when my nephews moved here from Atlanta, and were NOT happy about it, Tikkun Farm was one of the first places that made Mt. Healthy feel like home to them. We are so grateful to have Tikkun Farm as our neighbor.”

Neighbor across the street

“Tikkun Farms which sits in a diverse and impoverished neighborhood serves the community in multiple ways. The Farm is seen as a safe community gathering space, and a refuge for children and adults to learn and develop healthy habits for coping with stress, depression, and PTSD. All of this is intertwined with messages and lessons related to the caring for our planet, respect, building community, respecting differences, and sharing the love.”

Sheryl Rajbhandari

Heartfelt Tidbits

“Tikkun Farm:  Has a heart big enough to embrace a community.  Eyes on April 17 as we forge this community identity.  Here’s looking at you—Tikkun, Mt. Healthy. . . “From Pandemic to Promise”

Celine Quinn

Performance Poetry, Student Engagement, Mt. Healthy City School District