Mary Laymon and Greg York bought the former dairy farm in 2010. In 2015 they created a non-profit to support their neighbors. Since then they have offered land for Bhutanese refugees to farm, invited local non-profits to meet in the farmhouse, created a fiber arts maker space and hosted summer camps and an after-school program for underserved neighborhood youth. Tikkun Farm offers yoga, serves community meals, leads writing circles and takes in animal rescues. Recently Tikkun Farm began teaching adult cooking classes and introducing participants to healing experiences like yoga and writing. Since the pandemic closed down gathering events, Tikkun Farm has been sending out 320 crockpot meal bags a week and distributing food to more than 300 families a weekend.  More than 200 volunteers/week partner with us in the meaningful work of feeding our neighbors, caring for creation, tending to animals, preparing youth for jobs, educating children about the environment, growing food, and healing trauma.

Tikkun Farm’s Spiritual Community lives on and off the farm. We offer spaces to practice the spiritual disciplines that heal our hearts and grow our capacity to love. We welcome people to live in intentional community on the farm and participate in sacred gatherings, quiet days, retreats, drum circles, and spiritual direction.


Tikkun Farm’s vision is to serve by restoring: People, Community, and Creation.


Tikkun Farm is a nonprofit neighborhood farm engaged in the sacred work of restoring people, community, and creation by offering visitors, guests and volunteers opportunities to enage in meaningful work and spiritual practices,

Core Values

  • Belovedness: We believe that all people are beloved.
  • Radical Hospitality:  All people are welcomed as they are.
  • Community:  Community is the place we learn the practice of loving and being loved.
  • Live wholeheartedly: All people are invited and supported to go deeper as we grow into wholeheartedness and remembering who we are.
  • Engage in Meaningful Work & Spiritual Practices: Meaningful work is essential for healing and restoration and is part of a sacred rhythm of action and contemplation.
  • Place Matters: We are called to restore and cultivate the places we live.
  • Creative Collaboration: We are partners in the ongoing restoration of the world.
  • Notice Sacredness:  Creation reveals what is sacred.
  • Shalom. Promoting wholeness through reconciling conversations and restorative practices.
  • Innovation: Tikkun Farm is a place to experiment with new ideas.

What We Believe

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience
  • Suffering is part of every human journey
  • Every wound has a gift
  • The world is out to gift us, not get us
  • Everything is provided to restore wholeness
  • There are two energies in the world, love and fear
  • We were created by Love to be Love
  • Love Wins