We believe that Love Wins.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”
– Ram Dass

I believe finding our way home means remembering who we are.
Remembering we were created by Love,
Remembering we are beloved.
Remembering we were created to Love.

This kind of sacred remembering requires
Community, Connection and Relationship. 

The Spiritual Experiences offered at Tikkun Farm encourages this kind of remembering, within a community that supports this kind of sacred work. 

We offer a variety of ways to walk the pilgrim path…

Spiritual Direction provides one-on-one companionship for a person seeking support on their spiritual journey.

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Workshops & Retreats offer learning and contemplative experiences in small group settings focused on a specific themes like Brené Brown’s work on Vulnerability & Leadership, Soul Collage, Quiet Days, Book Gatherings, Movie Nights and more.

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The Beloved Community at Tikkun Farm welcomes individuals longing for a spiritual community that gathers regularly around a rhythm of contemplative practices. This includes a monthly spiritual gathering, weekly centering prayer, retreats, community meals, and more.

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