We believe that suffering is part of every human journey.
Mary Laymon

Mary serves as a Pilgrim Pastor and the Executive Director of Tikkun Farm.

Mary believes in the healing power of Love. The passion for Mary’s ministry stems from her deep love for helping others hear the quiet and persistent voice of God speaking love to each of us. She has been nurturing the spiritual journeys of individuals and communities for more than 25 years, in settings such as inner city, rural and suburban congregations. Mary has extensive experience with Bowen Family Systems Theory, Spiritual Direction work, coaching groups for clergy, single moms, trauma survivors, CEO’s, and small business owners. In addition to Mary’s academic credentials, MDiv, MAS, DMin, she is certified to facilitate Brené Brown’s curriculums, as well as SoulCollage workshops.

Mary’s own research focuses on the transition from first half to second half of life, and how this profoundly changes a person’s spiritual path as they outgrow traditional ways of speaking and experiencing God. Mary’s work with pilgrims making this transition, supports them as they find ways to continue to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with what feels sacred.

Mary’s journey taught her that the deepest healing comes from a sacred source. Her journey to heal from childhood sexual abuse has given her first-hand experience with the complex web of healing practices necessary to restore wholeness to a life shattered by trauma. She has personally worked with traditional talk Therapists, Shamans, Yoga teachers, Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, BodyTalk practitioners, Acupuncturists, and many other amazing healers. Through prayer, she developed an intimate, personal relationship with Love and learned to recognize the sacred voice speaking to each of us, which over time has melted away the shame, so embedded in trauma survivors, so she could see herself through Love’s eyes as a beautiful, whole woman. This healing, spiritual journey led Mary into ministry as a Pastor, and Spiritual Director, as well as a retreat and workshop leader and it developed her deep intuitive sense of what kinds of practices heal people.

Mary believes suffering can be our most profound teacher. None of us escape suffering in this life. It can make us bitter or beautiful, dark, or luminous. Love’s light shines brightest in the darkest chapters of our stories, and when we look for and discover Love there, it leads us down the path toward luminosity. No one can walk this path for us, yet no one needs to walk it alone. As one who’s traveled through the wilderness, Mary offers herself as a companion and guide, a Pilgrim Pastor. She is unafraid of the dark, for she has found Love there, and this is what saved her and made her whole.

Spiritual Direction, a sacred conversation about life in the light of faith, creates a pause in our busy schedules to slow down and listen… to ourselves, the longings of our heart and the sacred story that is our life. Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice spanning many traditions that helps us discover the light and love of God in all our stories. Pilgrims seeking companionship on their spiritual walk may schedule one-on-one visits with Mary by contacting her at mary.pilgrim.pastor@gmail.com or 215-630-1091.